Sunday, 30 November 2008


This is part of a longer documetary i made titled "FROM THE INSIDE". This audio is a story of a young womans chilling account of rape during an armed robbery at her home on an easter sunday. If you have been affected by the issues in the story please feel free to contact me us at We at the basement believe in providing a voice for those without one

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Friday, 28 November 2008


ok so sometime in the middle of the year, i managed to get an interview with the paris based Nigerian singer/songwriter Asa. It was her first ever London gig at the Islington Acadamy and i wasnt given a great deal of time. But this was what i managed to get.PS there was a very annoying air conditioner in the background but i got the inerview in the end ehh

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Not so long ago i had a conversation with my 18year old cousin living in Nigeria on what her life is like living with sickle cell anemeia.I managed to edit our conversation down to ten minutes.We talk about the physical pain and the very annoying public sympathy that comes with it...we talk about lots more.

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Tuesday, 25 November 2008


I decided to work on a documentary about people who had to care for their loved ones before they lost their battles to cancer. So far, iv managed to do one interview and it was the first time i cried whilst working. The working title for this documentary is called "beneath the tumour". Hopfully, i get the chance to complete it soon. Well here is Moshe's story

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I have finally succomed and joined the world of bloggers and podcasters. A century too late i know but i hope that exploring sound makes this ever so slightly distinctive in some way shape or form
I just hope i get to be consistent and im able to deliver something interesting and worthwhile as i have promised. so i promise not to bore you with text and provide things worth talking about